Scandinavian Mesolithic generalized culture

The series of the Mesolithic was shown in the previous articles. And a common view of the abstract Mesolithic culture is the next sequence of traits.

  • It existed from the 7th millennium to the 4th
  • It had a hunting-gathering-fishing lifestyle.
  • It used and produced some simple stone, bone and horn tools.
  • The Scandinavian origin of some culture.

All Mesolithic cultures had their locations on coasts. Of course, everyone need understand that Mesolithic climate wasn’t the same as today. People could live on some warm marshlands and sea shores. It is a cause to say that this stage of time was a warm period and Scandinavia was inhabited by human of at least seven or ten famous Scandinavian Mesolithic cultures.

Every Mesolithic culture had their own traits like ceramic but not all of the cultures had it as their own traits. It is a cause to conclude that it isn’t very important as ceramic vessels as lacking them. Cultures common traits help in the summarizing and forming the common cultures without their names.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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