Nostvet and Lihult cultures

They were very similar Scandinavian cultures, which were Norwegian and Sweden, respectively. Nostvet culture existed along the Norwegian coast from 6200 BC to 3200 BC, Lihult culture existed along the Swedish western coast. According to archeological studies of the Lihult coastal settlements, this culture was existed during 7000 BC – 5000 BC period. Both of them had closely connections with Fosna-Hensbacka culture.

The Nostvet culture’s people used bone and rocks for producing their tool, for example, axes and microliths. They provided hunting marine mammals, fishing, and gathering too. Their population increased and it brought to the sedentary lifestyle. The Lihult culture had a similar way for their developing and both of the cultures were succeeded by the Funnelbeaker culture.


  • These two Mesolithic cultures existed from the 7th millennium BC to 4th millennium BC.
  • Both of them were traditional oriented cultures.
  • They were hunting-gatherers.
  • They used simple tools from bone and stone materials.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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