Kongemose culture

This culture was at the 6000 – 5200 BC. It means that this culture was in the 6th millennium BC and it was a hunter-gatherer culture of the Mesolitic Age. They of this was southern Scandinavia. People of it used widely the Flintstones for their arrows and scrapers. Bone material used for knives and daggers. The most popular materials were stones, bones and horns too.

Main part of their economy was based on hunting. Their praise were different types of deer and wild boars. They practiced fishing on coast sides.

Let’s summarize and bring a conclusion about this culture.

  • People used gathering and hunting as a base of their economy,
  • This culture was at the 6th millennium BC,
  • They used some primitive stone, bone and horn materials for their tools.

The next one is a succeeded culture by the Kongemose one. It is a cause for comparing these two cultures. At first, it names “Maglemosian culture” and it was during the early Mesolithic the period from 9000 BC to 6000 BC in Scandinavia. People of this culture used fishing and hunting, and lived in forests and wetlands. They made fishing and hunting tools from wood, bones and flint stones. Also, they domesticated dogs and they practiced settles and nomadic lifestyles. They had huts and produced some arrows and spears as hunting tools as fishing. But the subsequent rising of water level filled the most part of culture’s territories and it destroyed the culture itself.

Conclusion (Maglemosian culture),

  • It was Scandinavian culture from 9000 BC to 6000 BC.
  • It was gatherers-hunters’ culture.
  • People practiced nomadic-settled lifestyles.
  • They produced some tools from bone, wood and flint stones’ materials.
  • They domesticated dogs.

If these conclusions are compared, it will be clear and understandable that these two Scandinavian cultures (Kongemose and Maglemosian) are similar and equal one to another.

Sources, Wikipedia,

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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