Mesolithic Europe

Mesolithic Age is the previous stage to Neolithic of the human history. For instance, it lasted from the 10th thousand BC to 5th thousand BC in the northern Europe but from 20th thousand to 9500 BC in Levant. The second name of this stage is Epipaleolithic, because Paleolithic is the previous stage.

But we need know some differences between Neolithic and Mesolithic ages. At first, the Mesolithic people used widely hunting and gathering like in the Paleolithic age. The second, some of the people practiced initial domestication. But Mesolithic way of life was marginalized and disappeared. But Mesolithic people used plant foods and it was as a replacing to agriculture.

Mesolithic cultures used and made bone and stone tools. And some of the cultures used ceramic.


As everyone can see pottery the form of this ceramic vessel very simple. It has the rounded down part and cylindrical top. More likely that this pot used for cooking food and its storage but not for ritual and any other sacked actions. The flint tools are like pieces of broken off flints. All of them has triangular and long thin forms.


Mesolithic vessel


The list of Mesolithic European cultures is below (there are places of those cultures too).

  • Azilian culture, western Europe,
  • Balkan Mesolithic cultures, southeastern Europe,
  • Fosna-Henshaka culture, Scandinavia, northern Europe,
  • Comsa culture, Scandinavia,
  • Kongemoze culture, Scandinavia,

Mesolithic flint tools

  • Kunda culture, Baltic/Russia,
  • Lepenski VII culture, Serbia,
  • Maglemosian culture, northern Europe,
  • Neman culture Belarus, Lithuania and Poland,
  • Nostvet and Lihull, Scandinavia,
  • Sauveterrian culture, western and central Europe,
  • Tardenoisian culture, Belgium and France,

It is actually visible that the main part of cultures were from Scandinavia and it is cause for an opinion about them.


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This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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