Gumelnița–Karanovo culture

The abstract model of some Stone Age’s culture was formed in the previous article but let’s look on the Neolithic Europe. The model must be corrected and confirmed for the cultures at the end of the Neolithic Age. Let’s look at Gumelnița–Karanovo culture.



This culture was spread from the Black Sea to Bulgaria and Thrace. It appeared in the 4700 BC and lasted to 3950 BC. This culture was preceded by Starcevo culture. This culture is slightly earlier than Funnelbeaker culture and any other but it had the pottery making. The example is below.




As we can see, this pot has cylindrical form with rounded inside top and bottom edges. The next one shows culture’s examples of its art.

These figures show some similarities to the female statuette of Ozieri culture. And Osieri’s figure is slimmer than these statuettes. Scientists don’t know anything about Gumelnita Culture’s society except that there were the most part of female characters (around 34%) and male representations are around 1% and only 10% are asexual forms. They give some suggestion that a female cult or woman-shipping was there.

This culture confirms that the model is truly and also there was the high level of pottery and ceramic for this century. But this culture was very far in the time and it is a cause that scientists can’t formulate more evidences than they have done till today.

This evidence doesn’t touch Mesolithic Age because this stage hadn’t any interesting moments except stones and simple settlements. But we need be familiar with this stage. Mesolithic Era was a previous stage in the human history.


  • Piatra Neamt Museum
  • “Gumelniţa Anthropomorphic and Zoomorphic Objects of Art” by Radian Romus Andreescu

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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