Generalized view of Stone Age’s culture

This generalized view forms by the four cultures from the previous article. As it was shown, this abstract culture has next attributes,

  • It started and disappeared during the 5th-3rd millennium BC.
  • It had husbandry of pigs and livestock.
  • It used hunting and fishing like as agriculture or pastoral living.
  • It had pottery and simple clay things.
  • It practiced some simplest cult (like a cult based on the natural’s laws and events, sun rising and sunset).
  • Some of those cultures practiced special ways of graving.

It is a view based on the four cultures from the southern and northern Europe too. No necessity to explain typical graves and cults here but it is a generalization of Stone Age’s cultures

This simple model admits that doesn’t contact or a little quantity of contact could be in Neolithic Age. Every culture had its own traits and it was confirmed in the previous article. But there were regional common traits which formed cultures. For example, the cultures in Sardinia were different, but they were different from the northern ones.

But we need confirm this list of the traits by compare another cultures with this abstract model and correct it farther.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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