Languages of Britain

The revision of some languages and dialects are been in this article. They are been in different parts of Britain. It isn’t very important that British islands have many different little islands around UK and inside it and every of them has its own dialect or language.

There are 194 islands in Great Britain and all of them are permanently inhabited. Every of them is a possessor of the common language and it is English and their definition and their differences will be shown here. They are the differences and similarities between those languages and English. They are shown below and not for concrete islands but for the main parts of the English language.

The parts of the United Kingdom are,

  • England,
  • Northern Ireland,
  • Wales,
  • Scotland and any other more little parts.

An estimation of all those languages and dialects are shown in the next articles.

This article was written by  Ilya Duchanin.

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