Old and Modern English

The exploration Old English language is been here. That language was used before Norman Conquest at 1066 BC. Some differences between Modern English and its ancestor are shown in this article..

Before 1066 AD, England used its ancient form of the modern common language and it was named “Old English”. That anguage had many similarities not only with Modern language but Old Scandinavian, French any any other languages. Any comparison with Old and Middle languages aret’t been shown here but the target of articles’ series is that showing those languages.. The question is that, “Are sounds θ, ð, tʃ, tʒ and ɹ truly English?”. The examination of the Middle English was in the previous article and now, the examination changes and the Old English is a object.

Old English sounds differ from Modern sounds because Old English was the language of the 7th century AD and it had some influence from the neiboral languages (like German and French) but a suggestion can be made now that that language was an ancestor of the Modern English and sounds which are represented in the table below are largely similar to the Modern language.

Labial Dental Alveolar Post-


Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m (n̥) n (ŋ)
Stop p, b t, d k, g
Affricate tʃ (dʒ)
Fricative f (v) θ (ð) s (z) ʃ (ç) (x, y) h
Approximant (l̥) l j
Drill (r̥) r (ʍ) w

The sounds enclosed in parentheses in the chart above aren’t considered to be phonemes.

This table is been similar to Modern English so the result is that θ, ð, tʃ, tʒ and ɹ sounds are been truly English.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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