The Celtic’s origin and their homeland

This article will show origin of the Celts and their language. As we can see on the map above, migrations in Neolithic Age influenced onto all Europe and England too. The Kurgan culture and Caspian-Pontic steppe were the base point of the Proto-Indo-European language in Neolithic Age according Marija Gimbutas’s Kurgan hypothesis.


The first settlements in England occurred in the early Pleistocene according to the last modern investigations. Those traces relates to at least 800.000 BC and its name is “Happisburgh footprints”. And according the history of Britain, modern people arrived in Britain around 33.000-31.000 BC. Many other migrations were after those. Celts arrived to England in the beginning of the Iron Age after the full Neolithic Age and the Bronze Age. It was the time of Roman conquest of England about the 6th century BC.

At first, we need know the European Celtic’s origin. The European Celts brought their languages to Britain around the Roman conquest.


Light green area is the space of the biggest Celtic conquest before 275 year BC. Yellow zone is the area of Austrian Hallstatt culture.

Celtic languages were the most wide spreaded during the 1st millennium BC. And nowadays they are very wide spread across Europe. But Insular Celts had any other history. And this one is the mostly unknown for modern scholars because it touches some “dark” and “undefined” centuries and some theories about the appearing of Celtic language in Britain.

But we can say exactly that the homeland of the European and Insular Celts were in the center of ancient Europe.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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