Fertile Cresent’s chronology

We will structure the historical events in the bevels of Fertile Crescent. At first, let’s analyze its events and some common moments (the letter “m” after dates means “millennium BC”).

Dates Mesopotamia Egypt Turkey
18-15 m. appearing of gathers and hunters
10-9 m. domestication of  animals
8 m. start of agriculture
10-7 m. start of agriculture
~7 m. founding of Jarmo/ Samarra/ Tel Halaf/ Eridu founding Mersin
6 m. dividing into Upper and Lower regions
3150-3100 BC unifying regions
2300 BC Hattians/ Hurrians stage

As we can see, Turkish civilization was a central civilization of the western Asia there were many settlements like Çatalhöyük (7500-5700 BC), Çayönü (7200-6600 BC), Nevali Cori (8400-8100 BC), Aşıklı Höyük (8200-7400 BC), Boncuklu Höyük, Hacilar (found 7040 BC and abandoned more than one time), Göbekli Tepe (~10th millennium-~7300 BC), Norsuntepe, Kosk, and Mersin (6300 BC-the present day).

As we can see, the most of ancient Turkish towns was founded in about 7-8 millennium BC and abandoned at the middle of Neolithic age. We can’t decide clearly causes of founding and abandoning of the towns. The towns spreaded at the southern part of modern Turkey which lasted onto many square miles from Hacilar (South-West of Turkey) to Çayönü on the East of Turkey. As we can see, there isn’t any system of this wide-spreading but there is a similar purpose of the towns. Religious incline of all Turkish Neolithic towns is clear but previous excavations didn’t give any clear information.

The dates of Turkish towns’ founding don’t been added to the list because all of ancient Turkish towns (except Mersin) are abandoned now. But why did they place in the southern Turkey? Cause of it was trades routes between East (Iran) and West (Egypt and Europe) and South (Syria). These routes didn’t spread to the North because there was Georgia and any other small countries. All trade routes were laid on the Turkish South.

Sources: “Ancient Egyptian Agriculture”, Ancient History Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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