Proto-Indo-European language

We have described this Proto-language in the previous article about Grimm’s and Verner’s Laws but we need to discover Proto-Indo-European language as it was in the past.

This language was unwritten and it had reconstructed before the present but base reconstruction of languages have been Hattie (the language of Anatolia), Sanskrit, Ancient Greek and Latin. We needn’t to give concrete consonant sounds here but I will give groups’ names of consonants.

Nasal, Stops and Fricative, Liquids and Semivowels are the main groups of consonants in Proto-Indo-European language. Any other division of sounds is the Labial, Coronal, Dorsal and Laryngeal groups.

Of course we can notice some similarities with English sounds’ groups but don’t forget that English is Germanic language. What are common sounds with Proto-Indo-European ones?

Nasal, Stop and Fricative groups of sounds and also, Labial group are similar. Only three sounds are similar, they are: m, p and b (bʰ). We can’t use a chain shift here because Proto-Indo-European language is a reconstructed one. We needn’t compare Germanic language with Proto-Indo-European one by Grimm’s Law because we have already done that work.

Proto-Indo-European language has been an ancestor of all European language. You can look its traces in languages of Germanic, Italian, Norwegian and any other groups of languages. But we have to know Neolithic Age of Europe and then we will answer all questions about Proto-Indo-European language and its place in the world history.

Bibliography, “Principles of Historical Linguistics”,  Hans Heinrich Hock, 2nd edition, 1991

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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