Comparison between Irish and English

The explanation of similarities and differences (Irish and English) is shown in this article. This comparison is gives the decision Irish and English aren’t similar one another but they have some common traits.

At first, the table of English and the Irish words is represented below. They are here in the table,

English Irish Latin
wall balla murus
bed leaba lectulo
bad dona malus
good maith bonum
tomorrow amárach cras
to look féach inviso
to watch chun féachaint ar vigilo
to study staidéar a dhéanamh studere
to cook cócaráil coquere
to give tabhair dare
  • Thanks to Google Translator

These languages aren’t similar one another, but a comparison shows the same words with their Latin translations. A cause of it is that English had the sufficient influence by the Latin language. The third column of the table has the Latin translations.

There are no one similarity between these three languages. And it is a cause to say that Irish, English and Latin have different embodiments.

And the final decision is madden by exploration their grammars. At first, it is an estimation of the Irish grammar. Differences between Irish and English grammars are represented below,

  • Syntax in Irish, Verb-Subject-Object. Syntax in English, Subject-Verb-Object.
  • Cases in Irish are Common, Vocative and Genitive but English has Nominative case and Possessive case. It means that Irish has much more cases than English.
  • Irish have two types of definite articles but doesn’t have indefinite one. Although, English has both of them.

And so on.

Irish and English languages  haven’t similarities and it is the confirmation that English and Irish possess to different groups of languages like German and Celtic.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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