Goidelic and the other languages

Pictish was shown Insular Celtic language of Picts, which were the men of eastern and northern parts of Scotland and they were from the late Iron Age till the Early Middle ages.



Red area — Mainly non-Pictish Brythonic areas,

Blue area — Mainly Pictish areas,

Green area — Mainly Goidelic areas.

What were similarities between Pictish language and Brittonic? Both of them were similar languages by close contacts. And all of them were been before the appearance of their Anglo-Saxon settlements in Britain. Pictish language was replaced by Gaelic language before the first millennium BC.

The Goidelic language is interesting because it laid in bases of many other languages. The oldest written Goidelic was Insular Irish that modified since the 4th century AD. The next stage of the Old Irish was from the 6th century AD to the 10th and it was an age of many Irish texts.

What is the Gaelic (Goidelic)? The period from the 13th to the 18th century was a stage of Classical Gaelic (Goidelic or Early Middle Irish).

The next map shows languages of Scotland in the 12th century.



The light blue zone is the zone where had lived Gaelic (Goidelic) inhabitants and speakers too.

The purple zone is the Norse-Gaelic (North-Goidelic) area.

By Goidelic language was dislodged some base languages of this area and it influenced a lot in Scotland.

Next zone of Goidelic influence was Isles of Man and Manx. Their languages were lose in the history.

So, the influence of Goidelic language was very strong and many languages in Britain were changed by its influence.

*** Thanks to Wikipedia for the two images above.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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