This article shows the language of Scotland that names Scots. But the necessity of the knowing the area in Britain where Scots is spreaded. This big area is in the northern part of Britain and on the north of Ireland. Scots like English is a Germanic language but it has clear links with Norwegian and Danish.

And inhabitants of Scotland think that Scots isn’t a languages but a dialect. It can be alive because the Government’s official survey of people shows that Scots is “not a language” for the 64% of respondents.

All history of Scotland shows close connections between English and traditional language of Scotland. Anglo-Saxon language, language of Kingdom of North Umbria, was the base language of Scotland until the 13th century. After that Scots language was influenced by Norwegian language and the next stage of developing was influence of Romance language in that century. After those loan words from French, German, Dutch and any other foreign language was included into Scots.

By the sixteenth century Scots established its own orthography and literary norms. And it was not Primitive Scots but Middle language. After that existed some long period of Scots independence.

And since the middle of the 16th century, Scots was influenced by southern English. And Scots was waned during the next centuries.  And it is weak nowadays but it becomes Scotland’s dialect of English.

All Scottish sounds are similar to their English equivalents and some sounds added to the English sounds in modern Scots.  Quantity of Scots sounds is bigger than English’s but they are similar one another.

The result of this discovering is that Celtic group of languages is more stable than internal dialects of British languages. But English language as a Germanic is a stable language too.

This article was written by  Ilya Duchanin.

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