Northern Ireland and Irish language

Irish language is Goidelic and it refers to Celtic languages’ group. It is used in Ireland and it is one of the official languages there. But Irish was influenced by English and it has many traits of English.

Unlike English, Irish history has dramatically development, and causes of it is constant fights between islands and a result was decreasing of Irish language in the present days. The Irish history has some interesting moments. The first one is stages of Irish language’s development. It consists from several stages like Primitive Irish (since the 4th AD to the 5th BC) that transformed into Old Irish (to the 10th century). Old Irish used Latin alphabet and many Latin words were been loaned during this period. The 10th century was the century of Irish language’s increase because it was used throughout Ireland and in Scotland. It was an age of Middle Irish that had its own literacy and development and from the 14th century it started to be Modern Irish in its early form.

From the 18th century this language was lose positions in the east of Ireland. And its position today is worse than in the 10th century because despite Irish official status of Irish language, it was pressured by English that dislodged Irish.

Now the status of the Irish language is been started to recovery by The President of Ireland and wide learning program.

The issue of the Irish language’s history was appeared above but the examination of its consonant sounds and comparison them with English equivalents aren’t above because there aren’t full rows of Irish sounds and our target is to find similarities between some different languages.

The similarities between English and Irish are less frequent than with any other language that was explored before because every Irish sound has additional sound and they can’t be compared fluently. If it does, this estimation will be untruly

The main cause of it is that these languages had their own ways of developing. The first one is English and it is a language of the Germanic subfamily but Irish is a language of the Celtic subfamily.It is a cause for examination of any other Britannic language.

The next one is been Scots which is the language of Scotland.

This article was written by  Ilya Duchanin.

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