English as the language of Europe.

If we look at this language, we will see 22 consonant sounds and 6 vowels. Their pronunciations can be performed by two special ways. The first one is a European system and the second is American. Standard way is the European phonological system. So let’s decide that we will look at English as a European language without any other influences.

But what were causes of those sounds in the past? French, Dutch and any other languages were produced an influence on English. Although English is a language of Germanic group, and the conclusion is understandable and clear,  it had some long contacts with other languages from other parts of Europe.

The main influences were given by Dutch language (as the part of Nordic languages), French language (the cause of it was a conquest) and the last one is Scandinavian languages (by wars between England and some countries from the Scandinavian Peninsula).

Scandinavian languages are some big group of languages but the main influence was gave by them.

Here is some question for understanding, what were ways of commutations between those three languages. Also, regardless this question, an influence will be noticed by the History and its languages.

The modern languages give the simplest way for answer. Here is some simple cause; the phonological system in the present needn’t to be excavated from the past.

Next series of article forms some point of view for that problem.

This article was written by Ilya Duchanin.

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